Tracking public transport passenger numbers

Regular passenger count surveys are essential for traffic planning. This activity always requires much time and cost in preparation and monitoring.

For transport companies that want to record passenger flows, we offer a flexible and affordable solution that can simplify this process enormously.

The solution provides an integrated, highly secure platform with the following features:

Highly accurate real-time digital people counting with area detection and timing

Analysis of people and passenger movements, customers, visitor flows

Intelligent tools for automated management and crowd management

Interfaces for passenger, customer and visitor interactions – Digital signage

Manual counters and tables are replaced by digital readers (scanners)

Data from all readers is stored centrally in the cloud and can be recalled at any time in real-time

Data is assigned to individual locations and the time course can be viewed

The evaluation is real-time and graphical

Attributes are freely selectable (disembarking, embarking, single passengers, groups …)

Customisable in size and scope

The versatile system offers many attributes to be monitored and thus provides a wide range of applications.

It will help you provide safer transport, optimize workloads and people flows in real-time, and interact with passengers.

Enabling you to increase safety and passenger satisfaction while reducing costs

In addition, to load monitoring itself, integration with existing systems is also possible.

Counting passengers

  • Flexible and affordable solution
  • Easy to use digital readers
  • Automatic, stand-alone readers – counting in vehicles and/or counting at stops
  • Placement of individual readers according to individual needs
  • Combination of different metrics – groups, locations…
  • Digital documentation with real-time evaluation, analysis and graphics
  • Time course detection
  • Track multiple attributes (commuters, students, etc.)
  • Sensors generate different counting results for adults, children, strollers, and bicycles … and simultaneously eliminate errors in counts of objects that are not persons.

Passenger flow management

  • Determine optimal waiting times and link utilization
  • Use the full capacity of the vehicles
  • Estimate capacity needs for public transport in real time
  • Increase client satisfaction by reducing waiting times
  • Get a powerful tool for planning staff based on real needs

Increase passenger satisfaction. Reduce costs and waiting times.

EvoEyes solution from the German company EvoCount GmbH

EvoEyes is a platform (user interface) for configuring and managing the system, reporting, and analyzing all information from all relevant data sources.


  • Graphical analysis, evaluation of all relevant data
  • Freely configurable views
  • Optional configuration of all devices via the platform
  • Encryption and maximum security
  • Independent platform with no software installation required
  • Monitoring of all required systems
  • Freely definable warnings for defined events
  • Notifications can be sent through different channels
  • Documentation and data storage
  • Integration of various partner modules and existing systems is possible

Monitor and control all your data from one independent cloud platform.

Count results are transmitted using industry-standard protocols such as ITxPT and VDV-301 and other standard IT protocols such as SOAP/XML Push Service or Local File Recording and FTP upload.

To check the accuracy of the recorded statistics, sensors can record video, process counts, and metadata into their internal memory for later evaluation. The process can be controlled using digital inputs, pre-programmed timers or communication protocols, and even AI-based start-stop detection.

Sensors are usually installed in vehicles at the entrance door. Another option can be attached to the stops – for example, to existing shelters, poles, etc. These then detect waiting passengers, record how long they stay, and transmit the data for evaluation. 

For example, timetables can be adjusted according to waiting times and passenger numbers, even automatically and dynamically.

The entire system can be managed and analyzed continuously or in batches and controlled centrally.

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